District Tv as a brand has been standing tall in the entertainment circle of Nigeria since 2011-2017; we are a 21st century Comedy Platform with an edge in Comedy, Music, Movies, Fashion & Lifestyles.

We do what we do passionately, making us a brand identified with excellence. From volumes of copies..

Our Mission

  • District Tv  mission is to produce and broadcast television programmes of quality and integrity that recognize and challenge, the intelligence and curiosity of our viewers.
  • Our mission includes providing community oriented programmes that will enrich our local and international viewers.
  • Give an alternative medium of communication to the government-controlled media in Nigeria;
  • Perform the role of a true watch-dog of the government and its policies, and hold public officers accountable to the people;


District Tv Networkrepresents an exponential growth opportunity;

Has been awarded Regional Winner/Finalist [world],  International Children’s Day Broadcasting 2008 by UNICEF.
The first television to win the NMMA award, as BROADCASTING STATION OF THE YEAR eleven times 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
The first television station in Nigeria to be nominated for the INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARD [iEMMY] in the UNICEF special award category.

Rated the most RELIABLE and TRUSTED source of information in Nigeria by the BBC/REUTERS survey for 2006.

The station has established powerful relationships with broadcasting authorities around the world.

Our flagship, the News @10 delivers an increasing audience of 8 stations at one go.

Staffed with award winning broadcasters, some of whom are 2 time NMMA award winners.


  • A unique opportunity exist for advertisers and their agencies who are targeting consumers in the A, B & C categories
  • District Tv  has responded to that opportunity by providing:

  • Better programming choices to viewers which in turn assist the advertisers to reach the very discerning audience that the Nigerian viewers are known to be.

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