Church Member Reveals Details Of Pastor Adefarasin’s Message On Tithing Which Allegedly Caused Members To Walk Out

Makua Eyisi who is a member of the House on the Rock Church, led by Pastor Adefarasin, shared the clergyman’s message on the controversial topic; Tithing on Facebook.

Tithing which has been one of the most discussed part of the Bible’s teachings in recent times has raised a lot of dust after some persons disagreed on the teachings of some churches concerning Tithe and its benefits.

Recall that on Sunday, a video had gone viral, allegedly showing members of the House on the Rock church walking out while the controversial topic was being preached. Though there have been comments by members of the church who insist that people usually leave towards the end of service so as to beat traffic.

Well, see excerpts of the Pastor’s take on Tithe as shared by Makua.

“Today, for the first time (in my hearing), My Pastor taught us about Tithing from the New Testament point of view and it was awesome.

You don’t have to pay tithe in this new covenant.

Tithing will not make you a Millionaire.

You don’t pay tithe to be blessed. You are already blessed. Tithing is a faith response to the blessing.

Abraham paid tithe after he was blessed not so that he would be blessed.

Abraham paid tithe to Melchidezek who was a high priest. We pay to Christ who is also our High Priest after the order of Melchizedek.

Tithing is an honour system. It began before the law. In the law, if you don’t pay, you are cursed. In this new covenant era, even if you don’t pay, there is no curse. There is no curse for the Child of God in Christ. Only blessings.

He added;

 I don’t like teaching Tithing to babies. That’s not what they need. They need Christ and more of him for when they become mature, Tithing will not be an issue for them. They know the source of their wealth.

Faith without works is dead. He who does not work, let him not eat. Work.

Read Hebrews 5, 7 and more. We opened plenty scriptures today.

It’s good to have a Pastor who understands the Bible but it’s better to have a Pastor who is intelligent as well.

Church was beautiful today. Awesome from start to end.

Paul Adefarasin (Paul of Lagos) is My Pastor.

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