DAILY TOPIC: What’s the main weakness of Real Madrid, attacking or defence?

Not only was the 3-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur disastrous in terms of Real Madrid’s current season, it also brought to an end a run that Los Blancos proudly held with Wednesday’s loss actually their first at this stage since 2012.

In addition,they slumped to a shock 2-1 defeat at Girona on Sunday.

What do you think is the main weakness of Real Madrid, attacking or defence? Can any player save them?

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Experts of last DAILY TOPIC: Is Paulinho key to Barcelona’s revival this season?


Yep he can be the key to Barca’s success this season.

He has everything a complete player needs to have:

– He has a strong mentality, remember when he came to Barca and everyone started to criticize him but he said I will prove these critics wrong and he has done it, at least till now.

– He is strong physicaly and can take to 18 yeards quickly to score for in any opportunity in entire 90 minutes, win arial duels or score headers.

– He is so intelligent, he surprised me alot but the most he surprised me was with his intelligence. His vision and passes, possitioning is so good that makes him great for Barca.

I think Valverde should use him and Roberto more in midfield, for me he and Roberto is above Rakitic and Iniesta in team selection.


I would say it was doubtful that barca would be able revive from neymar transfer and after super cup it was like dream for barca fans to survive la liga.but with paulinho signing was a shock , but no one would have expected this kind of transformation .he really proved his worth by scoring 2 goals early stage and one vital goal . paulinho communication and his chemistry with messi really helped barca .he has provided barca a strength in midfield which was lagging . and also he is good with heading ability ,so he is good in set pieces.

he position himself really well in penalty box during attack ,he really has good positioning ability . 

he really proved his worth . all barca fans and even other people would appreciate him because the way he adjusted himself to barca game is just fantastic .

He will surely do good in upcoming years.


well Paulinho transformed the FCB and give depth in the middle and he also supports attack simply because he is a Box to Box player, he has a lot of strength and can tackle very well.. you can see him always running front and back, u will him in all positions, great for Paulinho but the fact still remain that Lionel Messi has been tremendous thus far, best start of season so far even without Neymar and Suarez is misfiring, Messi found himself comfortable in front of goal post and these has transformed and help the whole team.. lastly, the coach injected team spirit, higher determination into the whole player as a team… Even with the ageing Pique FCB has the best start of LA liga so far with just 3 goals conceded in 10 matches, thanks to the likes of Samuel Umtiti, Jordi, Semedo the young driver.. the most notable at the defend is Marx Ander Ter Stegen he was so superb in his performance so far these season, he now has a lot of courage in the goal post making lots of wonderful and tremendous saves… for instance, the match away to Athletico in Wanda, last match as well, the champions league vs Olympiacos first league.. The whole team are impressive and deserve kudos but shouldn’t relent instead push up more because the league is still early.. 10 out of 38.. FCB for life

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