Domino’s pizza addresses claims that their pizza caused food poisoning in Lagos


Yesterday, a Lady called out Domino’s pizza after she reportedly suffered food poisoning she claimed came from the pizza she ate, which was ordered at the Lekki’s branch of Dominos’.


Apparently, the pizza company has issued a statement, addressing the issue, they tag as “slander and character defamation”.

Read their full statement below;

Hi Everyone,

We would like to address the comments associating our brand to the alleged case of food poisoning.

After thorough investigation, we would like to officially confirm that the products served from our restaurant on the same day we have conducted a routine call back to guests served just to find out how their dining experience was and we did not get any complaint.

At Domino’s Pizza Nigeria, safety and Hygiene are our watch words and we operate with International health guidelines, developed, audited and monitored by Domino’s International. Our guests trust us enough to walk through our doors, order online or call our lines and we will never betray that trust.

It is unfortunate that some media houses have picked this up as a confirmed story without speaking to anyone from our team. Our legal team will address this slander and brand character defamation accordingly.

We however are not inhumane to ignore the fact that someone fell ill; irrespective of the fact that the products as served from our restaurants could not have caused this incident; we empathize with her and we have also tried to reach out to her.

Domino’s Pizza is an internationally recognized brand that has been in existence over the years with a good record of safety and health control plan which is assessed periodically by both international and local health organizations and we will continue to keep up this standard as the health of our customers is our utmost priority.


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