Flamboyant Malawian Pastor Releases Customized ATM Cards For Church Members To Use In Paying Tithe (Photo)


Flamboyant Malawian pastor, Shepherd Bushiri who not long after a month, his wife gifted him with a 2016 Rolls Royce Ghost Series reciprocated the gesture by gifting her a G-Wagon for her birthday, have released customized ATM cards for his church members to use in paying tithe and offerings.


A Facebook user, Ntje Ishmael Moholo shared a picture of the ATM card with the Pastor’s picture and name customized on it.

He wrote:

“Prophet Bushiri rolls out new ATM cards to make it easy for church followers to pay for tithes automatically every Sunday.
What would Jesus say?”

flamboyant malawian pastor releases customized atm cards


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