Leaked Facebook Inbox exposes how a Facebook slay queen sleeps around for money, aborted pregnancy


Hello, Good Morning… So while you all were asleep, there was a crazy that happened very early this morning, about 1:51 am…. and it’s still happening.


Someone hacked an Esmera’s Facebook account, and leaked her private messages (inbox). The private chats she had with some folks shows that she sleeps around with guys, and she collects money, from 20,000 to 40,000.

The first set of chats shows her talking with her “Girlfriend”, where she agreed to sleep with a guy named, map, for N20,000… After the act, Map refused to pay her.. Read the chat below:

The Below chat shows her telling a guy that she can go for 8 rounds…


The Below chat shows her admitting to Lesbianism:

The Below chat shows her talking to her friend, admitting she missed someone’s d***:

The Below chat shows her admitting to looking for map, the guy that slept with her for 20k, but refused to pay:


The Below chat shows her asking a Lady if she does runs as well:

The Below chat shows that one of her “persons” wants to hook her up with a white man:

She revealed, she’s on her period in the below chat, but she’s still charging someone 40,000 for s-ex.

The below chat shows her, asking her friend, Vicki for a good drug that can be used to abort a baby..Then she asked for postinor:

She admitted to removing her baby:

Now, Esmeral has reacted to the whole drama, she says her account was hacked (It’s obvious).. But then she’s claiming that the hacker quickly chatted with some of her friends, just to make her look bad… and we are here, wondering, How?

Most of the chats above are from January, June, July, August.. (You can see the screenshots above).

Below are her reactions:


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