Music Video Director, Unlimited LA Advices Upcoming Artistes In Open Letter

Ace music video director, Unlimited LA has taken to IG to give a word of advice to upcoming music artistes.

He wrote;

 Dear up and coming artists, when I said ‘it’s way beyond your ability to make music’… the 1st question shld be: what is way beyond. I’ll give u few tips of ‘way beyond’… the business aspect of the game, presentation of yourselves, the passion, your attitude, the sacrifices you make, etc. cos this is why some really talented artist don’t ‘blow’…

I’m young but I’ve seen a whole lot of talents in this business. So for the upcoming artists attacking me on my recent post, I just told u what most successful artists won’t tell u, I just reduced your 5yrs to 3days😉… thank me later. 🚶🏿Pls lemme go back to editing this D’banj’s video make everything clear🤣 

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