My Boss Rapes Me All Night & Threatened To Kill Me If I Tell Anyone, What Should I Do? – A Housemaid Seeks Advise

People can be so wicked in this world we are now in fact some has Bsc in wickedness.

Imagine a boss who rapes his housemaid every night, how does he want the girl to feel. She’ll surely be in great sadness.

A young housemaid shares what she experience all night with her boss.

Read what she wrote below:-

My name is Funmi Ajadi, i graduated from Lagos State University in 2016 and ever since then, no job so i was offered a housemaid job and i accept it when there’s no other option.

Like 2 months after i stared the housemaid job, my boss always sneaks out of him and his wife’s room to rape me and he is a police officer and he have sex with me almost all night.

He threatened to kill me with a gun if i tell anyone.

Please what can i do about this?

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