Nigerian lady marries man same week she met him (photos)

– A Nigerian lady has shared how she met her husband and got married to him the same week

– She shared her story to inspire ladies all over the world

A Nigerian lady identified as Abisola Fehintola Aroyehun has taken to her Instagram page to share her amazing journey with the world after she got married to her husband same week she met him. Aroyehun took to her Instagram page to share her story with people who are looking up to God. In one of the posts she shared, she told people how she met the man and went on the first date with him two days after. The couple’s journey began in December 2016 when they both met physically. They took a picture to keep the memory of that day. Two days after their first date, they went on the second date and the man proposed. Aroyehun was eager and did not turn him down.

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