An Open Letter To The FG From A Biafran:- “Why Is There No Operation Tolotolo Dance In Ikorodu, During Baddo Killing” (A Must Read)


Today an hardcore biafran agitation fan on facebook wrote a pretty long epistle to the federal government, disputing the operation python dance currently going on in Abia.


He mentioned a few place in the country were violence once erupted one time or the other and no operation any Animal is dancing, well at first i was reasoning with him, but then i realized separatist is different from terrorism.

Well see his letter below:-

A cult group called Badoo emerged from nowhere and killed over a hundred souls in Ikorodu-Lagos,no operation tolotolo dance.


Fulani herdsmen invaded Taraba and souls were lost in hundreds,no operation elephant dance.

Villages were nearly wiped out in areas occupied by TIVs in Benue state, yet no operation tortoise dance.

Over 400 people were gruesomely murdered in Agatu Local Govt area of Benue State by Fulani herdsmen,no operation fox dance.


In Southern Kaduna, uncountable number of innocent men,women and children were slaughtered in blood-daylight.

But we never heared of this new dance by the noble Nigeria Army rather apostle Johnson Suleman who spoke up was summoned to explain what he knew about the Kaduna killings.

In Nasarawa State, over 50 police men were mysteriously slaughtered by the Ombatse people,but there was no known operation turkey dance,.

Its only in the South East the military experiments operation python dance part 1 & 2 Hahahahaha!!!!

Today you are in power, tomorrow you may be no more.Those you crush today you may not have the power to crush tomorrow.

But i will still advice you, since i was born,i have never ever seen fire quenching fire.

Continue your python dance in such a peaceful area but also remember that pythons are not venomous but some tiny snakes are.The python may crush the tiny snakes but may not be free from venomous bites.


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