Social Media Is Full Of Noise & Fake People | Don’t Hate Your Life (Be Guided)

Our society today is breeding a whole new generation of hey-everything-is-perfect-in-my-life people, who have only being able to amplify these impressions through the use of social media.

But in truth, bulk of these posts are nothing but cosmetic realities.

According to Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English, Cosmetic simply means 👇

Affecting only the appearance of something rather than its substance.

Each time you refresh your FacebookInstagramTwitter or Snapchat feeds, everyone is happy and celebrating one thing or the other 😃

 A thirteen year old Cognitive Developer just got hired by Google

 Davido just announced he has 30 billion dollars in his account

 A bread seller just became the owner of a house in Lekki

 A 21 year old beautiful actress just announced she’s still a virgin

 A beautiful curvy daughter of a rich man just graduated with a First Class

 14 people got married on your timeline, ati be be lo…

Meanwhile, you’re in your rented one room self contain trying to figure out if to include Career Objectives on your C.V or not. And when you see these things, your mind shatters, and you can’t help it from wallowing in the thoughts of “do these folks have two heads???”.

Now here’s the problem:-

The media only showcases the extremes. Why? Because it is the extremes that get the attention of the majority (which you have trapped yourself to be among), and it is this utter interest that brings the dollars.

In other words, it is the attention of the majority that can be easily monetized.

Instagram pays it’s intern an average of $7,000 per month, where do you think Mark will get such money from if you visit Instagram and all you see are photos of heartbreaks, job losses, accidents e.t.c

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