Why Do Some Guys Spend Lavishly On Women But Fail To Take Care Of Their Parents?

I was merry-go-rounding on the Internet this afternoon, then I came across this thread, and I’m pretty sure it will sprout up alot of conversation on district tv.

So guys, you are all invited to participate in this conversation.  In all ramifications, this negative trend is quite disheartening, alarming. After God, your family ought to be a priority.

Let me quickly share a true life story:-

Jackson took his fiancee to the village for the purpose of introducing the woman he intends to marry to his parent.

She politely rejected the drinking water his parent served her bcoz it was dirty (instead went to the car to get a bottled water).

Later during the day, due to the unhygienic condition of the toilet, she politely refused to use the toilet, instead held urine in her bladder.

His parents said the lady was rude & not a marriage material.

Diz is a lady who is neat, ambitious, humble, intelligent, & responsible.

She was disappointed in her fiance bcoz he is very rich but failed to transform the lives of his poor parents.

She cut off the affair on the basis of his irresponsibility & wickedness.

Many men fall under this category.

You buy iPhone 8 for girlfriend but can’t give your parents N50,000.

Why Do Guys Spend Lavishly On Women But Fail To Take Care Of Their Parents?

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